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5p Charge per Plastic Bag Set to be Extended

Successful 5p charge to be extended to all retailers

Supermarkets led the way

5p Charge per Plastic Bag set to be ExtendedFor several years now, supermarkets and retailers employing more than 250 staff in England, Scotland and Wales have charged 5p for plastic bags issued in their stores. This has been very successful, not only by reducing plastic waste but also by benefiting charities which have enjoyed donations from the extra proceeds. For example, in England the added 5p charge reduced the use of plastic bags by more than 80 per cent in the first year.

Now all retailers may have to charge

Today, January 11th 2018, the government is due to announce plans that will consider extending the current policy to all high street shops in England. All retailers in Scotland and Wales are already required to charge 5p for plastic bags.

Long-life bags are the answer

The application of this proven environmental policy has led to a massive growth in the purchase of long-life bags and the range at Bag Store reflects this. Long life bags come in several materials and in all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets. In the textile bag sector, cotton bags such as ‘Willow’ are the most cost-effective, with canvas (‘Yew’) and jute (‘Ash’) a little more expensive but more robust. Apart from textile-based bags, you may also chose NWPP or nylon bags, many of which are recyclable.

Ideal for branding

Long life bags are an ideal promotional item for two very good reasons:

1. They get used time and again – no-one is likely to throw your branded bags away!

2. They have a massive print area – providing a great, walking billboard for your brand!

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