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Bag Printing: the Promotional Benefits

In this eco-conscious society in which we now exist, re-usability is the new watchword. Single-use, plastic bags, once the staple of our shopping habits, have been largely eliminated. Custom bags made from cotton, canvas, jute and other sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials now fill the gap. Bag printing lends you the opportunity to imprint your logo on reusable bags. This ensures that your brand message is seen time and again.

Printed bags: kind on your pocket

Bag printing is a very cost-effective way to spend a promotional budget. If your monies are limited, choose a printed bag made from 5oz cotton. If you have a little more to spend then perhaps a bag made from 10oz canvas or hard-wearing, long-life jute is an option open to you. Indeed, you have a wide range of cost-options to choose from. Low, medium or high priced branded bags offer an excellent way to disseminate your branded message..

Promotional benefits of customised bags

One of the main benefits of bag printing is that is veirtually all cases bags have a very large print area on which to set your logo. In addition, this applies to both front and back of the bags for maximum coverage and impact. Customised bags are an essential requisite for exhibitions and trade events. Visitors collect all manner of brochures and what better means to carry them than in a reusable bag emblazoned with your brand?

And finally …

So, we can say, with confidence, printed bags are a superb promotional vehicle for your brand. Their large print areas ensure your message will be seen far and wide. Furthermore have also seen how the range of bag types availble and the prices that apply are able to accommodate most budgets, high or low!

For more details on how branded bags can assist your next campaign, contact our team.