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Branded Shopping Bags: making sense!

Branded shopping bags are now a part of every day life. Like shopping or not, and I for one do not, if you are forced to visit a shop, for groceries and the like, you’ll need a shopping bag with you. As a result, they make a splendid promotional tool. Brand them with your logo and message and your customers won’t forget you the next time they visit Sainsburys!

Branded Shopping Bags: Materials

There is a wide rangde of materials from which branded shopping bags are made. On one side are the natural, sustainable materials such as cotton, canvas and jute. On the other are those made from man-made materials such as non-woven polypropylene, recycled PET plastic and PVC.

branded shopping bags
The ‘Big Shopper’ made from non-woven polypropylene

From an eco point of view, many prefer to go for the natural, sustainable materials, such as cotton, canvas and jute. With this product sector is to be found branded shopping bags with a wide range of carrying capacity. There is also a wide range or prices for shopping bags from ‘entry-level’ 5oz cotton up to heavy-weight jute.

Coloured jute shooper
‘Dargate’ coloured jute shopping bag

Print areas

One thing that most branded shopping bags have in common is their large print area. Compared with many other promotional items shoppers are unrivalled for the branding areas available. For example, a typical print area on a shopper with a size of 420mm x 380mm would be 290mm x 290mm. This is a high proportion of the surface area on which you may print your brand. What’s more, you can double-up by printing on both sides of the bag, not just one side! Some bags are even able to be printed over the entire surface area, front and back. See example below.

All-over branding on a shopping bags
Branded shopping bag with an all-over print

To conclude, branded shopping bags offer you a world of choice. This choice includes sizes, materials and pricing levels. There’s a lot to go at, for sure, so if you’d like advice from our bag experts, call 01437 781978 or email.