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Printed recycled tote bags: eco-friendly

Printed recycled tote bags, from Stupid Tuesday, are becoming increasingly popular, for the very clear reason that they are environmentally-friendly. The bags come in a range of recycled materials. These include recycled cotton, bags made from recycled bottles and also recycled polyethylene. Additionally, such bags, unlike standard plastic bags, are not ‘single-use’. They are designed to be used over and over again.

Newchurch tote made from recycled cotton

Re-purposed cotton tote bags

The use of recycled cotton, is a growing trend in the search for eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Recycled cotton is not a new concept to the textile sector but as brands…


Printed cotton bags or canvas bags?

Printed cotton bags or canvas bags? What’s the difference between these two popular promotional choices. Well, if you’re sitting quite comfortably, we’ll begin.

Printed cotton bags are budget-friendly!

The budget you have available will have a great impact on the type of bag, either cotton bags or canvas, that fits in with your promotional plans. If funds are limited but you still want a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ then cotton is more likely to be the route for you.

Typically with a material weight of 5oz per square yard, printed cotton bags offer great value for money. Although they…