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Brilliant Backpacks

Low MOQ for Full Colour Natural Cotton Shoppers
We’re now offering the Full Colour Natural Cotton Shopper in very low minimum quantities.
This Natural Cotton Shopper is printed in full colour as standard and represents exceptional value for money.
It’s the ideal solution when your design consists of multi-colours or contains coloured blends and tones. Made from 6oz cotton the bags come with long cotton handles.
What’s more this great quality, outstanding value cotton bag is now available in quantities as low as 25 units!
For details on this item, call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk
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Just out – All-over printed Drawstring Bags

Promotional Items Galore
We provide a wide range of printed promotional bags but we’re not limited to these!
That’s right, although we’re famous for supplying great quality promotional bags but we don’t stop there. If it’s something else you require – promotional mugs, usbs, pens, mousemats etc., etc. – we offer all of these and more!
View the Stupid Tuesday website at the link below and you’ll discover a massive range of promotional, branded items from which to choose. And, if you want items quickly, check out our Express section.
Call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk
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Great Gym Bags for the New School Year

Free Screen Offer extended
So successful has been our free screen offer on textile bags, we’re now extending it to our whole bag range to the end of November.
That’s right, now you can get one free screen on any bag we offer, as long as the design has two or more colours within it.
So, besides our textile range, this great offer now applies to non-woven, drawstring, kraft paper, laminated, polythene, conference, laptop, travel and cool bags; the complete catalogue in fact.
Call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk for more details.
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Versatile Drawstring Bags

Eco-friendly Jute Bags
Jute is one of the most popular materials from which are made long-life bags.
But what is jute? Well, it is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre which can be spun to turn into coarse, strong threads.
Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable natural fibres and is second only to cotton in amount produced, its high cash value and golden colour has earned it the name ‘the golden fibre’.
To cap it all, jute is 100% bio-degradable, recyclable, extremely strong and Eco-friendly making it the perfect option for your chosen long-life shopper.
Jute comes in natural and a multitude…