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Charges for plastic bags

Charges for plastic bags have been around for a few years now.

How often have you popped to the supermarket to find that you’ve left your long-life bag at home?

Now you need never be without a bag again

Our great range of foldaway shopping bags means that you can ensure that you’ve always got a bag handy when you’re out shopping while also avoiding charges for plastic bags. And there’s a lot from which to choose. Just follow the ‘more information’ link below to view the full range.

Your logo in your customers’ pocket

All of the bags in…


Foldaway Shoppers Make Life Easy

What type of printing is best for my fabric bag?
There’s no simple answer to this! It depends on what the artwork looks like, what sort of fabric it will be going onto and what sort of finish you would like. Here is a run-down of the strengths and weaknesses of our most popular methods.
Spot Colour Screen Print
Spot Colour Screen Printing is probably the most popular type of printing and can give you a great looking bag at a low price. It works best for bold, flat colour designs. You can’t do shading with spot colours which is why we…


Fold it Away!

Print methods for bags
There’s a range of print methods available for bags suited to individual design styles.
First and most common is screen printing. This method is best for quite simple designs, consisting of one or more spot colours and where registration is not critical.
Then we have digital printing, where a computer-generated image is applied to the bags. This process is ideal where the designs are more complex and multi-coloured.
Finally, there is transfer printing in which a transfer is applied and then heat-pressed onto the surface. Again, this is best for more sophisticated, colourful designs.
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Full colour folding shopper

Introducing the Appleton Shopper
Our range of stunning branded shopping bags just got bigger and better with the introduction of the Appleton Shopper.
Available in a range of 7 different colours and within 2 weeks of receipt of your order, the Appleton Shopper offers an affordable option if you’re looking for a branded shopping bag to help beat that pesky 5p carrier bag charge.
With a glossy finish to the outer and generous size proportions, the Appleton Shopper is the perfect solution if you’re looking to give people branded bags to carry their shopping in while promoting your own message at the…