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Branded Eco Bags – New Range Launched

Here at Stupid Tuesday’s Bag Store we’re delighted to announce the launch of a new range of branded eco bags. The four recently-launched bags feature bags from both our branded jute bag range and our branded kraft paper bag range.

Stunning New Jute Bags

The first bag we have added to our range is the Green & Good Taunton Jute black-handled shopper.

Now, you may have seen this bag somewhere before. That’s because the Taunton shopper has been with us for a while. However, this latest is a newer version with a twist, it has stunning black handles.

It’s available now from…


Kraft Bags offer Green Option

October Bonus – Re-order Discount!
Bag a bargain this October with our 10% ‘Re-order Disount’ for returning customers.
Simply re-order your promotional bags and we’ll deduct a welcome 10% discount from the order value of your previous purchase, as long as the order is for the same item.
The offer applies to bags of any kind, cotton, canvas, jute, PP, plastic, whatever you last bought and, what’s more, even if you wish to change the design, we’ll keep the offer in place. Don’t miss this great opportunity of extra savings in October.
To take up the 10% discount email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk placing the term…


Promotional laminated kraft bags: How lamination affects print colours

Introducing the Market Shopper
The Market Shopper is a large capacity, foldable promotional shopping bag at a low price.
Big bag, small price
The capacious Market Shopper measures 395mm x 355mm and has a large 157mm gusset. What’s more, it’s fabulous value with new low, low prices from 65p for 2500 and just 99p for 100!
Eco-friendly too!
Made from non-woven, eco-friendly material, the Market Shopper is every inch a ‘long-life bag’ and comes in a wide range of bright colours which will ensure your logo and message stand out!
Call us for details
Call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk for more details, samples, etc.
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