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Laminates for Maximum Exposure

Print processes used for promotional bags
Promotional bags are printed using various methods, the most popular of which we explain here.
Screen Printing
Screen printing involves the use of a stencil of fine woven mesh to produce a screen. To transfer the design to the bag, a squeegee or fill blade is passed across the screen, filling the open mesh with ink and then a second stroke causes the screen to touch the material and transfer ink to the bag. With this method, only one colour is applied at a time but multi-coloured designs can be printed using additional screens for each…


Going Green with Laminates

Sustainable Jute
Jute bags are Green and Good.
The Green and Good range of jute bags is the perfect eco-friendly option for your promotional campaign. Made from sustainable jute and with coloured trims which use AZO free dyes, the range comes in two sizes: the large 300mm x 300mm x 200mm ‘Brighton’ and the gift-sized ‘Wells’ at 200mm x 200mm x 100mm.
Both bags have substantial branding areas for your logo and message and come with deluxe cotton rope webbing handles, so they are easy on the hands and well as the eyes.
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Choosing a Laminate Bag

Promotional iPad and Tablet Cases
We have a selection of iPad and Tablet Cases from which to choose.
To accompany that essential of modern life and business, the iPad or tablet, Stupid Tuesday has a good value range of cases to protect and carry your device.
Made from a variety of materials from silicon, neoprene, polyester or nylon, there is a variety of styles and colours available on our website at pricing points to suit all budgets.
Email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk or call 01437 781978 for more details and prices.
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Promotional laminated kraft bags: How lamination affects print colours

Introducing the Market Shopper
The Market Shopper is a large capacity, foldable promotional shopping bag at a low price.
Big bag, small price
The capacious Market Shopper measures 395mm x 355mm and has a large 157mm gusset. What’s more, it’s fabulous value with new low, low prices from 65p for 2500 and just 99p for 100!
Eco-friendly too!
Made from non-woven, eco-friendly material, the Market Shopper is every inch a ‘long-life bag’ and comes in a wide range of bright colours which will ensure your logo and message stand out!
Call us for details
Call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk for more details, samples, etc.
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