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Eco-friendly non-woven

Christmas Bonanza!
Buy any bag for delivery by Christmas and get outstanding value.
Our offer is simple: place an order for any of our bag range for Christmas delivery and we’ll give you free origination OR free delivery, whichever is the highest value!
Go for cotton or canvas totes, robust jute, kraft, plastic or non-woven bags; it doesn’t matter what you buy, this great offer will apply.
Give us a call on 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk quoting ‘FreeDec’ to take advantage.
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Introducing the Appleton Shopper

New! Full colour promotional jute bag
Full colour print now available for jute bags at bargain prices!
Jute is one of the best materials you can select for a truly long-life promotional bag. Robust and capacious, jute bags are to be found up and down the high street and in your local supermarkets. More often than not, promotional jute bags are printed with quite simple designs made up of a limited number of spot (solid) colours.
However, in our new catalogue, launched recently, we include a new type of full colour jute bag which is available at very competitive prices. Our new…