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Printed tote bags: long-life promotion

Printed tote bags made from a variety of materials, are today an ever present. And it is little wonder that they are so popular. Their usability and convenience offers long-life promotion of your brand. These shopping bags are made from natural materials such as cotton, canvas and jute and man-made such as non-woven PP and laminated recycled PET.

Laminated recycled PET printed tote bags

Good for the environment

Long-life tote bags, as well as being great promotional vehicles, are good for the environment. Robust and durable printed tote bags may be used over and over, meaning that there is no longer the…


Printed recycled tote bags: eco-friendly

Printed recycled tote bags, from Stupid Tuesday, are becoming increasingly popular, for the very clear reason that they are environmentally-friendly. The bags come in a range of recycled materials. These include recycled cotton, bags made from recycled bottles and also recycled polyethylene. Additionally, such bags, unlike standard plastic bags, are not ‘single-use’. They are designed to be used over and over again.

Newchurch tote made from recycled cotton

Re-purposed cotton tote bags

The use of recycled cotton, is a growing trend in the search for eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Recycled cotton is not a new concept to the textile sector but as brands…