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Colourful cotton for maximum impact

Full colour folding shopper

New folding shopper prints in full colour all over!

Charges on plastic bags

A new 5p charge for plastic bags was introduced in England on 5 October 2015. Shoppers are charged 5p for every new plastic bag they use at large stores in England. This not unreasonable charge has led to a massive growth in the purchase of promotional long-life shopping bags.

Folding bags are there when you need them!

One long-life, promotional bag type that has seen a significant increase in sales is the genre of folding shoppers, bags that fold up into a pouch or wallet to fit snugly in a handbag or pocket almost as an emergency shopper.

New full colour folding shopper

To underline this trend, in our new catalogue and updated website we now feature a brand, new folding shopper which may be printed in full, glorious colour across the complete surface of both bag and pouch. The result? An absolutely stunning, colourful yet practical shopper that any of your customers will be delighted to receive,

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