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Conference packs: ‘virtual’ essentials

Conference packs are a superb way to engage with delegates and to reinforce your brand. In today’s Covid-19 affected world, ‘virtual’, online conferences offer a safer environment. If online meetings become the norm, how can companies make the most of them?

More meetings have moved online, a trend likely to continue even after the pandemic fades. As a result, companies are increasingly trying to accept the new virtual reality of trade gatherings. Despite the lack of ‘face to face’ interaction engaging with online delegates is still a primary target. This is where branded packs, posted out to ‘attendees’, can be a strong engager.

Conference pack
Conference pack consisting of branded bag and other branded items

Conference packs: contents

Typical contents of an online pack might include a number of essentials. These include: a programme, list of speakers, delegates ‘attending’, speakers’ notes, contact information and evaluation form. In addition, branded items such as pens, usbs and notebooks offer the opportunity to brand-reinforce. Reusable branded travel mugs and water bottles are very popular, so consider including one. You might also include branded sweets or chocolate to help delegates relax during the programme. A branded document holder is also a good idea.

Conference contents
Branded notebook and pen: typical contents of a conference pack

Beneficial results

Holding a virtual conference means, of course, an absence of influential, face to face dialogue. However, the benefit is that in an online environment, you have a ‘virtual’ captive audience. Online, there are fewer distractions and concentration levels are increased.

This is a perfect scenario for spreading your message and increasing the hold of your brand. Delegates receiving your conference pack find themselves the recipients of quality branded goods. Even after the conference ends, these goods will continue to reinforce the image of your company. It’s an opportunity not to miss!

So, if you’re planning an online, ‘virtual’ event and require help in putting together a conference pack please do call us on 01437 781978. Alternatively, email us.