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The importance of design in promotional merchandise

To really make your promotional product stand out from the crowd in a busy, competitive market-place, consider the impact of great design.

Make your promotional products stand out

Every promotional product that you release into the marketplace is competing for attention with those of your competitors. So, given that the basic products are quite similar, what can you do to ensure that yours really stand out are noticed and recognised?

Well, one important factor is good design. We all love good design and are constantly being influenced by it but for many people the importance of good design is rarely thought about.

However, if you just take a minute to look around you, in the office, high street, even the home, good design is never very far away from you! In a densely populated market place, there are hundreds of promotional products competing for attention but a product that has been designed well doesn’t need to shout, it subtly relies on its strengths to compete with everything else around it.

Great design helps to create something that ‘stands out from the crowd’. And, once that happens, it can become a phenomenon!

How to implement good design

As we’ve said earlier, promotional products such as branded logo bags, whether they be made from cotton, canvas, jute or man-made materials, can on the whole be very similar to each other. So how can you make yours look different.

Well, if your company has a creative design department, it may well be able to come up with an attractive graphical solution that will enhance the printed image of your chosen promotional bag and, if your do possess these skillls, then we would encourage you to explore this route to ‘make the difference’.

What if you do not have the design skills?

On the other hand, if your company does not possess design skills ‘in house’ you could employ a design agency to do the work. The downside of this is that the fees may be quite high and, if you are an SME with a small budget, the cost may be prohibitive. In this case, the answer is to choose a seller of promotional goods that has creative design skills within its portfolio of services and instruct them accordingly.

The advantage here is that because you are purchasing product from them then they will offer design free or at a very modest cost. This, for many, is the best, tried and tested method of acquiring a promotional product with good design and high impact.

We here at Stupid Tuesday’s Bag Store possess such design skills and they are employed by our customers on a daily basis to create imaginative, impactful promotional items for use in their marketing campaigns.

Some customers have a precise idea of what they want to see in a design, others simply have a vague notion or none at all. It doesn’t matter, we can work to your specific instructions or from an entirely clean-sheet. In both cases the results are sure to delight you.

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