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Make the most of the 5p charge by putting your brand on a bag for life

A 5p minimum charge for plastic bags in now in place across the UK; introduced to reduce the amount in circulation and stem the considerable environmental impact. Unfortunately the use of bags is almost unavoidable, so shoppers are reaching for reusable products. Step forward the bag for life.

With it’s increasing popularity it is worth considering promotional bags for life to market your company. Branded products help get your name out there, and now there is even more eco-friendly solutions to your promo items. Here are just a few highlights of the vast range of eco products available and a few stats to back it up.

Promotional Bags
Promotional bags are incredibly useful and popular at the moment so it is worth investing in them. They would be a great gift at your next trade show or a gift for a client. It is believed that 76% of people keep promotional items that they are given and with promotional bags, it is expected that this figure will only be higher in the near future. In 2014 Promotional Bags accounted for 13.3% of the whole market share for promotional products.

Eco-Friendly Stationary
Eco-friendly stationery can also prove to be popular, especially when it comes to branded pens. Promotional pens were responsible for 9.4% of the overall market share, with 39% of people stating that they would prefer a promotional pen than any other promo product.
The range of eco-friendly products is vast however. Recently sports water bottles have been a favourite due to an increasingly fitness focused, gym-going population. Made from recyclable plastics, they make a great addition and are sure used time and time again.

Promotional Merchandise Key Facts
– In a survey 88% of people could recall the brand of a promotional product they received
– 60% of people said that they kept a promotional item from more than 2 years
– Promotional products can be the equivalent of less than 1p per impression.

Ordering Promotional Bags
To order your promotional bags call 01437 781978 or browse our website and order online.

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