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Foldaway Bags for Ultimate Shopping Convenience

Printed Foldaway ShoppersCharges for plastic bags have been around for a few years now and how often have you popped to the supermarket to find that you’ve left your long-life bag at home?

Now you need never be without a bag again

Our great range of foldaway shopping bags means that you can ensure that you’ve always got a bag handy when you’re out shopping. And there’s a lot from which to choose, just follow the ‘more information’ link below to view the full range.

Your logo in your customers’ pocket

All of the bags in the range have good-sized print areas to accommodate your logo and branding message and come in a wide range of colours that can be used to complement your corporate guidelines. What’s more, they’ll be used time and again by your customers, ensuring your name stays uppermost in their thoughts.

Contact us for prices and samples

If you’d like a quote or a free, unprinted sample of one of our bags, call us on 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk

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