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Jute goes colourful

Pick a backpack for travel, sport or business

We have a wide range of backpacks at the Bag Store and there’s sure to be one to suit you.

Backpacks are a popular choice

Backpacks are ubiquitous these days, in the city, on the train or bus, in the airport; it seems wherever you look folks are toting backpacks. But it’s little wonder that backpacks are so popular as they are so capacious and flexible in what they’re able to carry and so easy to handle, carried in the hand or hands-free on a person’s back.

Ideal for sport and business alike

Such is the adaptability of backpacks that they are as much at home when used for sports kits as when used for business, carrying laptops and documents. In fact, some backpacks, such as the Faversham pictured left are especially made to carry laptops and all manner of other business essentials.

Fab Feb Deal on backpacks

During February we’re offering a great deal for orders on any of our range of backpacks: 20% off the unit price!
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