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Print processes used for promotional bags

Promotional bags are printed using various methods, the most popular of which we explain here.

Screen Printing

Screen printing involves the use of a stencil of fine woven mesh to produce a screen. To transfer the design to the bag, a squeegee or fill blade is passed across the screen, filling the open mesh with ink and then a second stroke causes the screen to touch the material and transfer ink to the bag. With this method, only one colour is applied at a time but multi-coloured designs can be printed using additional screens for each additional colour to be applied.

Litho Transfer Printing

When there is a requirement for a more complicated designs, which may contain photographic images or coloured tints, tones, gradients, then screen printing gives way to litho transfer printing.

To create the design, colours are printed in layers onto special transfer paper and then the outline is cut out, leaving a keyline which may be transparent or coloured, whichever is preferred. The next step is to accurately position the transfer on the bags and apply pressure and heat with a heat press to meld the design onto the surface of the bag.

Digital Screen Transfers

Digital Screen Transfers are a combination of digital and screen printing
techniques which result in a vibrant, detailed, full colour transfer.
Digital Screen Transfers give us the flexibility to produce jobs that are either too expensive or impossible to produce with traditional production methods. You no longer have to worry about separations for the screen printing process, urgent lead times or minimum order quantities.

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