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Printed cotton bags or canvas bags?

Printed cotton bags or canvas bags? What’s the difference between these two popular promotional choices. Well, if you’re sitting quite comfortably, we’ll begin.

Printed cotton bags are budget-friendly!

The budget you have available will have a great impact on the type of bag, either cotton bags or canvas, that fits in with your promotional plans. If funds are limited but you still want a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ then cotton is more likely to be the route for you.

Typically with a material weight of 5oz per square yard, printed cotton bags offer great value for money. Although they usually have no gusset, they can have a superb carrying capacity.

What’s more, branding area on cotton bags is normally greater than 50% of the surface area. This ensures your logo will certainly stand out!

Printed cotton bags
‘Willow printed cotton bag’

Canvas for capacity

If, however, you’re looking for a bag with more carrying capacity and have a little more money to spend, then printed canvas bags are your answer. Typically weighing in at 10oz per square yard. That’s twice the weight of typical cotton bags. Canvas bags are, therefore, naturally more robust.

In addition, they usually have a gusset of between 100mm and 120mm. This gives them an increased capacity compared with printed cotton bags. However, if you’re looking for a true ‘long-life’ bag, with a massive print area for your logo, then printed canvas bags are for you.

Printed canvas bags
‘Yew’ 10oz canvas bag

Pay your money and make your choice

In conclusion, the main factors to be considered when deciding if you opt for printed cotton bags or the more hardy printed canvas bags are budget and capacity.

However, don’t worry, here at Bag Store we have an expert team that will help you decide which item is right for you. And, if you need help in putting together artwork for your promotion, rest assured we’re here to help.