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Promotional laminated kraft bags: How lamination affects print colours

Lamination be it gloss or matte can directly effect the appearance of the colour that is printed.

How the effects of lamination impinge on print colours

Although the lamination is transparent it does have a certain opacity, and it will capture some of the light that would have been reflected from the print had it not been laminated. This is why it is common that colours will alter between laminated products and unlaminated products.

The lamination will darken the printed colours due to the lamination itself and the process. It is also important to remember that Matte and Gloss lamination absorb light differently

How can these effects be alleviated

There are steps that can be taken to reduce the visual change, this involves choosing colours that are slightly different to the original colour, and doing tests to see which one is the closest visually after lamination.

However this does involve time and cost so it is best advised that this process is factored in and requested at time of quoting or discussing the order and lead times. The change in the colours after lamination isn’t very big, and we do everything we can to prevent this but each colour itself without lamination reflects light differently, for example a red may reflect more light then abrown so when laminated the change would be more noticeable on the red than on the brown.

Ask us for advice

With the above in mind, standard tolerance on the printed bags is plus or minus one pantone colour. Should this cause problems with the order please chat to us about the possibilities, timings and costs of getting a test done on colourmatching after lamination, and we will do all that we can to manage expectations and achieve the best result possible.

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