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Printed recycled tote bags: eco-friendly

Printed recycled tote bags, from Stupid Tuesday, are becoming increasingly popular, for the very clear reason that they are environmentally-friendly. The bags come in a range of recycled materials. These include recycled cotton, bags made from recycled bottles and also recycled polyethylene. Additionally, such bags, unlike standard plastic bags, are not ‘single-use’. They are designed to be used over and over again.

Rercycled tote bags, the Newchurch shopper made from 6.5 oz cotton
Newchurch tote made from recycled cotton

Re-purposed cotton tote bags

The use of recycled cotton, is a growing trend in the search for eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Recycled cotton is not a new concept to the textile sector but as brands and retailers continue to evaluate their environmetal footprint, the interest in recycled cotton has grown. Some bags may also be available in a variety of colours. The ‘Pheebs’ recycled tote bags shown below are one such and also comes in natural, black, royal blue, red and maroon colours.

Recycled tote bags can come in a variety of colours
Pheebs recycled tote cotton bag in red

Where does recycled cotton come from? Well, there are two main sources. The first is known as ‘pre-consumer’ and includes scraps created by yarn and fabric by-products. The second is ‘post-consumer’ and includes includes garments, upholstery, towels, household items. Printed recycled tote bags made from this natural material are also eco-friendly tote bags.

Regenerated plastic tote bags

One of the main sources of material for regenerated plastic tote bags is plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are the bane of modern life, winding up in landfill or in the oceans. Recycling these items into a format such as tough, reusable tote bags is infinitely preferable.

At Stupid Tuesday, we offer a range of eco-friendly tote bags made from recycled plastics. One such is the Laminated rPET Shopper seen below. This is large bag that can be printed all over in full colour. Furthermore, it is 100% made from plastic bottles.

Recycled tote bags made from plastic bottles
Bags made from recycled plastic bottles

Other recycled bags

As well as the tote bags featured above, recycled cotton and plastics may also be used to make drawstring bags. These include the Newchurch drawstring bag and the full colour PET drawstring bag shown below. Ideal for schools, colleges and sports clubs, they are very eco-friendly.

Drawstring bag made from recycled bottles
Full colour PET drawstring bag

And finally …

We’d love to hear from you if your are interested in environmentally sustainable recyled tote bags or drawstring bags. Contact us here. You can also phone 01437 781978

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