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Reusable Printed Bags

Reusable printed bags – why?

Reusable printed bags are steadily replacing plastic bags. Why is this? Well, a lot of oil and natural gas go into the production of plastic bags, which are not recyclable.

There is growing movement around the country is for consumers to purchase and bring their own reusable bags to the store to use to carry their products home.

While they cost a little more up front, there are many benefits of reusable bags, particularly when it comes to easing plastic bag pollution and the effects of plastic on the environment. Choosing reusable, recycled bags saves on these non-renewable resources and protects the environment.

The Benefits of Reusable

1. Conserve resources: plastic bags have a much larger environmental footprint than reusable ones.

2. Decrease pollution: the effects of plastic on the environment can be devastating.

3. Protect wildlife: marine animal are particularly susceptible to the harm caused by digesting plastics in the oceans.

4. Strength and durability; they are more robust and have greater longevity.

5. Save money: laws now state that plastic bags are chargable. Reusable printed bags save this outlay.

Types of Reusable bags

The main kinds of reusable printed bags are as follows:

a) Printed cotton bags: one of the most popular and inexpensive types of bag. Natural cotton bags weigh around 5oz and usuall have long handles. They are roomy and reliable.

b) Printed canvas bags: these bags are heavier than cotton, usually 10oz. They are also more robust and roomier as the feature a gusset normally.

c) Printed jute bags: jute is 100% recyclable material that is highly durable and versatile. As a result, it is used to make jute bags. Furthermore, these reusable printed bags are extremely robust and roomy and last a long time.

In Conclusion

Reusable printed bags are great for the environment and should be considered before plastic. Call us at Stupid Tuesday’s Bag Store for details – 01437 781978