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Something a bit Different

Promotional bags reimagined

There’s a plethera of promotional bags on the market and this variety means that it’s easy to find one for your own purposes in most circumstances. However, what if your needs are so specialist that a standard promotional bag just won’t do and you require something a little bit different, something out of the ordinary? Well, if this is the case, read on …

You can design your own bag with our help

That’s right! Just send us your ideas and, using our team of crack designers and industrious bag engineers we will realise them for you. No matter how ‘off the wall’ or outlandish may your ideas be, we will run the rule over them and turn them into reality. Let us offer you some pointers …

What is your promotional bag for?

Clearly, it is critical to first define the purpose of your promotional bag. Is it required for a product launch of a specialist item or as a fun giveaway at a major event? Perhaps the requirement is for an unusual long-life bag or one that has a limited shelf life? Ultimately, whatever you choose has to fit your budget. So where do you start?

Consider the material

Having established its purpose what’s the best material? Well if long-life is a factor, then jute or canvas are the main contenders. Both offer great longevity and practicality and are very robust. As bonuses, both are eco-friendly coming, as they do, from sustainable sources and are available in a wide range of colours and trims.

Of course, you need not let standard colours, trims or shapes concern you when designing your custom bags; just let your imagination run riot to consider unusual shapes, colours, different handles, fastenings and personal finishing touches. If your budget is modest, think about cotton as an alternative material.

Laminated kraft is so adaptable

If long-life is less important than maximum impact, then laminated kraft paper promotional bags offer you a wealth of opportunity to express your ideas to the maximum.

Kraft paper can be cut to virtually any shape or size to fit almost any purpose; square, rectangular, semi-circular or triangular. Print-wise, the world’s your langoustine, you can print colours from one to multi or photographic imagery, both outside and inside as you wish.

Finishes include ribbon ties, press stud fastening, buttons, the list goes on and lamination offers you a choice of gloss or matte. Colour-wise, choose standard, specialist pantone shades or metallic inks. In fact, there’s really no need to limit yourself with these bags.

We could go on but it’s now time to hand over to you. Tell us what you’re looking for or send us your ideas as a finely crafted drawing or a rough sketch on a scrap of paper; it doesn’t matter, we’ll help you work it out.

Talk to us

Call us on 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk to reimagine your promotional bag.

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