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Foldaway Shoppers Make Life Easy

Beat the 5p bag charge with a promotional foldaway shopper.

Now that a 5p minimum charge for plastic bags exists throughout the UK, shoppers are reaching for bags that will make their life easier and, at the same time, keep those 5 pences firmly in their pockets.

Recognising that many of us, our minds on a myriad other matters, often forget to take with us our long-life bags when we go to the supermarket, we have introduced a wide range of folding shoppers. Now, there’s little excuse to forget your bag because your foldaway shopper can slip into your handbag, pocket or glove compartment and be there ready for you at all times.

To learn about our range of foldaway shoppers, email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk or call 01437 781978

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